A few days ago I published a diary on the Red State political site where I said I would rather not vote than vote for the lesser of two bad candidates. It’s a subject that has bothered me for years, and I was interested in an honest debate on the issue. I was overwhelmed by the responses for two reasons.

1. All of the replies to my discussion were negative toward me, but NOT ONE reply directly addressed the question.

2. The name calling, lack of logic, and closed mindedness, was breath taking.

After a few minutes the discussion was closed by the moderators. Later it was deleted entirely. I guess no dissenting opinions are welcome at RS. Sorry guys, if I did not adhere to the party line. Maybe I can spend next summer in a re-education camp. Republicans good, Democrats bad.

Below is a copy of the post I made on Red State. Unfortunately I did not save a copy of the comments before they were deleted by the Red State moderatorrs.


I am tired of voting for the lesser of two evils. I am tired of voting for someone I am not enthused about. And I am very tired of helping elect statist Republicans with my time and money and votes.

From now on I am on strike. I will only vote for candidates with whom I agree on the issues. I will never again vote for a lesser of two evils or a RINO just to keep a Democrat out of office.

Why help put a candidate in office who will give the Democrats 50% of what they want, then declare it a great victory?

Why help put a candidate in office who proposes slightly smaller programs, taxes and schemes as alternatives to the more grandiose plans of the Democrats?

Why help put a candidate in office who has never repealed a law, cut a program, or fired a bureaucrat?

If there is a choice between a RINO and a Democrat only, I won’t vote at all.