According to a story in the news recently three Navy SEALS are being prosecuted for roughing up one of the most wanted terrorists after they captured him in Iraq. From a story by Kevin Freking we learn:

One of the SEALs is accused of punching Ahmed Hashim Abed in the face after his September arrest; the others are accused of falsifying statements on the episode.

I found it hard to understand why the military would choose to pursue punishment for these brave me. But after I thought about it, this type of thing might explain the lack of success the military is having in Afghanistan.

Why can’t the best, most advanced, and most expensive military in the world roust a few thousand medieval religious fanatics from their caves and kill them? Maybe it’s because politics, political correctness, minority rights, diversity, and prosecutions have become more important to the military brass than is fighting. Winning “hearts and minds” has taken precedence over killing terrorists.

There have been many similar persecutions of our soldiers by their own, the media, and by grandstanding politicians during the war on terror. To the best of my memory all but a few Abu Ghraib guards have been exonerated. If anyone should have charges brought against them, it is the people going after these SEALs. I hope they are quickly exonerated or better yet, the charges are dropped after an apology is issued.