There is a small restaurant about 5 blocks from my house where they are having a deep fried duck special. I had dinner there last night. They had a pressurized deep fryer out on the sidewalk where they were cooking the ducks. I could smell it a block away. I ordered one for 20 Yuan (about $3.00 USD). It turned out to be a whole duck, a giant plate of fat, grease, and  cholesterol.

The duck was about as good as I have had since I’ve been here, but it was not the Beijing duck I have been wanting. And even now I feel a little sick from all the grease and oil.

The last time I ate at this particular restaurant it was cold. The owner gave a a little shot of a clear liqueur to warm me. I bought a little bottle of the stuff to go with dinner. The waiter said it was called “black beer.” The bottle was a little larger than an airplane liquor bottle and cost 9 Yuan (about $1.35 USD). It wasn’t as good as I remembered it. Maybe because it wasn’t as cold tonight as when I had it before.

Anyway, that was my duck dinner last night. Today I still feel a bit sluggish from all the fat and grease I ingested last night. Hopefully a walk in the cool morning air will fix things.