I can not get over her quitting the governorship. Yes, I know she had several good reasons. The investigations, family considerations, financial problems, living in a difficult location from which to travel and develop relationships, etc. Still…

I like her because she seems feisty and doesn’t have the need to be liked by insiders. She chooses her own path and does not follow cookie cutter advice offered by “experts.” I like the fact that she excites grass roots conservatives like no one since Reagan.

Her political beliefs seem to be strongly conservative, and are neither RINO, nor birther. She has matured politically and hasn’t made the beginner’s errors she made as VP candidate. I especially like the fact that the relic media hates her, and she has been able to go around them in getting her message out.

My misgivings come from the fact that she quit her job when the going got rough. The problems she will face as president will make her Alaska problems seem like a Bermuda’s vacation. How will she handle them?