This is a call to the tomato lovers of Shenzhen.

Everyone loves tomatoes. In the USA anyone who has a square foot of yard plants a tomato bush or two each summer. They are easy to grow and yield seemingly unlimited supplies of the succulent Solanums. There are literally hundreds of varieties available, so everyone can pick and choose the ones they like best.

I have been thinking of starting a group called Tomato Lovers of Shenzhen. I envision having monthly meetings where we could discuss the beauty of the tomato, argue about which variety is best, share our favorite tomato pictures, and compare recipes.

Some topics for group discussions might include:

1. Is the tomato a fruit or a vegetable?

2. The tomato is sometimes called a “love apple.” Is this name justified?

3. Do you agree with me that the tomato is the most handsome of all vegetables and fruits?

4. Hybrids or heirlooms? Which do you prefer and why?

5. If tomatoes could talk, what would they say?

6. The tomato in the art of the Old Masters.

If there is anyone in Shenzhen who shares my love, respect and reverence for the tomato and is interested in forming a group, please let me know.