1. Bill Murray. My favorite comedic actor. He has perfected deadpan humor.

2. Dave Berry. Comedic writer. His columns show his brilliance at the comedy of the unexpected.

3. Howard Stern. The most brilliant satirist ever. In a single 4 hour radio show Howard is better than a year of Twain or Mencken.

4. The Three Stooges. Slapstick perfected.

5. Woody Allen. Dark comedy as seen through the eyes of the nebbish that is in all of us.

6. Anne Coulter. Political farce from the right

7. Jon Stewart. Political comedy from the left. Funnier than Coulter, but he looses a few points because he is often mean.

8. Benny Hill. A cross between the Three Stooges, Bill Murray and Woody Allen. Never get tired of re-runs of his shows.

9. Craig Ferguson. The best monologues ever delivered on US TV

10. Steven Wright. The best stand up comic. His is the comedy of the absurd.


11. The person who invented long, pointy toed shoes. I call them clown shoes. I first saw this style in Paris about 10 years ago. Had a good laugh, but it turned out that the laugh was on me. They are still being worn today.