The page pictured below is from the Shenzhen Daily on December 10, 2009. 7 pictures of natural disasters are shown along with the headling “No place to live.” The only reporting was a single paragraph about the Copenhagen climate summit. There was nothing about “no place to live” in that paragraph. Nor was there anything about how global warming caused the disasters pictured. The only other commentary were short descriptive captions below the pictures.

The reporting was dishonest because it implied a connection between global warming and the disasters pictured, but failed to make the case in any way.

The top center picture shows a flood in Malaysia. The earth has always had floods. No connection to global warming is mentioned in the caption of  the picture. I have no idea why this picture appeared in the article.

The small picture at the top of the lower left column is of children playing in a polluted stream in India. How is this an effect of global warming? Did kids not play in polluted streams before global warming?

Below that is a dead fish in Brazil. Haven’t fish always died? How did global warming cause this particular fish to die? There is no explanation.

In the center is a polar bear eating a baby polar bear around Churchill, Alaska. The caption blames the cannibalism of lack of hunting area caused by global warming. Two things are wrong with this. First, the polar bear population around Churchill is out of control due to the species being on the endangered list. If there is over population it is because of a larger number of bears, not because of smaller hunting area. Second, if you Google “Polar Bear Cannibalism” you will find just as many pieces saying cannibalism is a natural part of polar bear life as those saying it is a result of  global warming.

The picture at the top of the right column is of a sand storm in Sydney. Sydney is on the edge of a desert.  There  always has been sand storms around Sydney.

The center picture is of a forest fire around Los Angeles. Did the forests not burn before global warming?

The bottom right is of smoke coming out of an industrial complex in Italy. Were there no factories before global warming?  The caption doesn’t explain.

Reporting about global warming by activist writers is disgusting and usually highly dishonest. This piece was about as bad as it gets. It combines an alarmist headline with a story that has nothing to do with the headline.  Then it adds several sensational pictures that have no relation to either.