I am neither a scientist nor a mathematician, so I can not join in the global warming debates from a scientific viewpoint, but from reading the news and from daily observations, I have several questions and concerns.

1. Why do liberals embrace it and conservatives doubt it? It makes it seem like there might be political motives behind the debate on both sides.

2. Why do independent scientists and skeptics have so much difficulty obtaining source information from UEA, NASA, NOAA. Peer review requires access to these data. Holding it back, or announcing some had “disappeared” make it out like something is wrong. It sounds like someone is hiding something.

3. Why do many, maybe most, pro-global warming advocates refuse to debate the subject?

4. I am suspicious of anything that tells me the world will come to an end because I living too well. There have always been “end of the world” cults based on over-population, running out of clean water, too little food, etc. Now these end of the world scenarios are  the results of  man-made global warming.

5. Why can’t the data produced by CRU and other places be duplicated in peer reviews?

6. If the media was doing its job, they would try to see which side of the argument is correct. Instead they parrot the pro-global warming, pro-statist side of things. They ignore opposing views. Why?

7. Models and data don’t exactly match. Why?

8. My family has owned a house at Myrtle Beach for nearly 70 years. The ocean is the same distance from it was it was 50 years ago. How can that be if the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets and the world’s glaciers are melting? Shouldn’t the water be at least a little closer to the beach house?

9. I don’t see any antecedental evidence of climate change in my daily life. After 20-25 years of warming shouldn’t there be some visible?

10. Nearly every natural event is explained by global arming, including cold weather, forest fires, severe or quiet hurricane seasons. That more than strains credulity.  

11. Who said the climate we have today is the best possible climate? If the world was a few degrees warmer maybe things would be better.

12. The climate has always changed, without or without man’s presence on earth. I feel sure it will continue to change Somehow life goes on despite big and little ice ages, a medieval warming period, etc.