After 8 years it seems that they should have been able to kill a few thousand medieval, pig eating, religious fanatics living in holes in the ground. Our military has the finest soldiers and the best equipment in the world. And we probably spend more money in a day than the jihadists have spent in 8 years. What gives?

I think there are at least three reasons for the lack of success in Afghanistan. They are politics, political correctness, and prosecutions of our soldiers.

Politics. Politicians in Washington are always looking over the shoulders of the men in the field. They are constantly second guessing the soldiers, criticizing them, and using the military to make political hay. Some of the more despicable politicians have accused our men of being Nazi-like, murders, torturers, and other things. Fear of unjustified and vicious criticism hampers the fighting ability of the troops.

Political Correctness. Winning hearts and minds is more important than killing terrorists. If the terrorists hide among civilians our military can’t go after them. If the run into a mosque, the military can’t persue them. In both cases the military is more worried about not pissing off the civilians than in killing terrorists. Nothing makes sense.

Prosecutions. The most recent outrage is the case of the 3 Navy SEALs who are being prosecuted for bloodying the lip of a most-wanted terrorist they captured. But there have been dozens of cases from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. These prosecutions are almost all political in nature. I don’t remember reading about any ending up with convictions, except for a few wayward guards at Abu Ghraib Prison.

These factors and others cause our military to be overly cautious in the field. Rather than keeping both eyes on the enemy, our soldiers are forced to keep one eye on the enemy and the other on their countrymen at home