Everyone has heard of the butterfly effect. The theory is a small random event can lead to a completely different and unrelated event. According to chaos theory, a butterfly flapping its wings in China can influence a hurricane in the Atlantic Ocean two months later.

Here is how it worked for me.

1. In 1970 an unknown North Vietnamese gunner fired a mortar round. It exploded near me, sending a tiny piece of shrapnel into my foot, damaging the nerves. The nerve damage caused to me like to wear loose, comfortable shoes.

2. 2002. I bought a pair of very comfortable, but not very stylish shoes. This led to a huge argument with my ex-wife because she didn’t want me to wear them to a social event. During the argument she said she didn’t want to go on the Italian vacation we had planned in a few weeks.

3. I cancelled our Italian vacation and rebooked a trip to Vietnam by myself instead. I fell in love with Vietnam and returned there 5 more times over the next few years.

4. On my 6th trip to Vietnam I stopped over in China where I met my girlfriend Sea.

5. I have lived in China for the last year and met (Freakboy) David on-line.

6. David invited us to his birthday party. We attended last night.

Thus the random action of a Vietnamese gunner in 1970 caused me to end up at Freakboy’s party last night.

Happy Birthday David