Ever religion has its nut jobs, but so far as I know, only Islam tells its wacko adherents to randomly kill people, Muslim or not.

The Christmas day attempt to bring down a jetliner was only the latest in a long string of Muslim murders, attempted murders and other outrageous behavior. Daily we read stories of Muslim bombings all over the world. There is an ongoing genocide in Sudan, and stories of beheadings, stonings, and honor killings make the news regularly. God knows what goes on in some backwater countries where Muslims rule, but there is little or no news coverage.

I am speaking from memory here, but I remember reading a statistic published shortly after 9/11 that said there were about 135 wars, conflicts, and  armed disputes going on in the world then. Muslims were involved in one or both sides of 112 of them. Clearly Islam is not a religion of peace.

So why do so few Muslims speak out about this outrageous behavior? I suspect it is because most are afraid to do so. They are afraid of reprisals from their fellow devotees. If anyone, Muslim or not, speaks out about Muslim murderers they are threatened, fatwas issued against them, if they are not actually killed.

Remember what happened to Van Gogh in Holland, the furor caused by the publication of some cartoons, Salmon Rushdie, and Yale University and others not publishing  books thought offensive to Muslims. Occasionally a critic of Islam will appear on a TV show with their identities or voices altered.

So what can be done about the scrounge of Islam infecting the world? I suggest isolating them from the civilized societies. Make it hard or impossible for Muslims to travel to non-Muslim countries. Let them stay in their mostly barbaric third world nations and blow each other up to their hearts content.

Muslims who have entered a civilized country illegally should be rounded up and deported. Those who enter legally should be sent home the first time they break any law.

Where there are Muslims already living in a civilized country, they should be shunned and their activities heavily monitored by law enforcement and their neighbors. Muslims should be profiled by law enforcement until the time comes when they show they can be trusted to behave.

On the surface, this is unfair to the 95% of Muslims who are neither terrorists nor terrorist sympathizers. But I maintain that silence, even for good reason, is the same as sympathizing and supporting terrorism. And only when the 95% of non-terrorist Muslims step up and cleanse Islam from within will terrorism be stopped.