From time to time I have expressed skepticism of global warming based on the fact that I have seen no evidence of it in my daily life. After all, it seems to me, that after 20-25 years of warming shouldn’t there be some discernable evidence, even if the evidence is slight? I see nothing.

Many years ago I remember seeing evidence of climate change. When I was a young child, maybe 10 years old, we took a family vacation to Florida. I don’t remember the exact date, but it was about 50 years ago.

I remember driving past miles and miles of dead orange groves in northern Florida. I asked my parents about the dead trees. They told me that it used to be warmer in Florida, and orange trees could grow there. Now, since the earth was cooling, it often frosted in these areas and the cold weather killed the trees.

My mother mentioned that Georgia might have to change its nickname from “The Peach State” because it was becoming more difficult to grow peach trees there. Every spring, it seemed, there was news of late season frosts killing and damaging the remaining groves and causing spikes in the cost of orange juice.

This was solid evidence of climate change. Miles and miles of dead trees killed by cold weather where they were once able the thrive was evidence I could see with my own eyes. I never questioned that the earth was cooling.

Oddly, there was no end of the world hysteria. Global cooling and a possible ice age were accepted as a fact. No one trumped up bogus science that blamed mankind for the cooling.

No one wanted everyone to move into tepees to stem the cooling. No hysterical scientists, politicians, and news readers went around scaring people every chance they could.

There were no pitiful calls for someone to save us from ourselves, and no self aggrandizing leaders emerged to help us through the crisis. The world had ice ages and the past and came through them without massive government intrusion and taxes. How times have changed.