While walking in the park yesterday I heard a loud noise. At first I thought it was blasting from the nearby subway construction. It turned out to be some sort of military drum and cymbal band practicing.

There were 5 rows of 10 drummers in front and three rows of ten cymbals behind them. There was a band leader who led the playing by using a small flag on a rod like a conductor before an orchestra. So there was a total of 81 band members. At the conductor’s direction the drums were played on their tops, sides and fronts.

Between numbers a second leader barked out orders for the band to come to attention, dress right, at ease, etc. I assume it was some sort of military or police unit. Most had on uniforms.

About half way through the practice some big shots in black suits came by and looked at what was going on. The group travelled with a photographer who took pictures of the men in black watching the drummers. When the big shots arrived everyone came to attention, saluted, and generally improved their performance and appearance. I never found out who the big shots were.

I had never heard that style of music before and don’t have the vocabulary to describe it properly. Sea told me its name, but of course I forget it immediately. I will say it was quite loud and very impressive. We sat and listened for about 45 minutes.