There is an unholy alliance between big government, the relic media, and big business in Washington. This cabal exists to transfer the wealth and power of the people to themselves. The most recent outrage was the stimulus-bailout legislation that transferred billions of dollars to big business and the government while the media cheered it on. The pending energy taxes and regulations represent another huge power and money grab.

Why would anyone spend millions of dollars to get a job that pays less than $200,000. and forces you to live in one of the most expensive cities in the country??

Why would any group, organization or individual donate thousands of dollars to a candidate’s election campaign?

Why would a lobbyist pay for a legislator, his family and others to go on an expensive first-class holiday on a private jet?

Why does every major corporation and interest group in the country set up an office in Washington?

How can a politician retire a multi-millionaire after a lifetime of low paying public service?

Why would a professional politician who had absolutely no business experience be elected to boards of major corporations after leaving office?

How is it that the dozens of corruption investigations started by congress seldom lead to a punishment?

The obvious answer to all of these questions is that money and power is being transferred from the people who earned it, to the Washington alliance. The transfers are being made in a thousand different ways, and new schemes are cooked up daily. It’s time for some very big changes to be made.