Where are Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton the rest of the rest of the race baiting clowns? Since Harry Reid made his comments about Obama’s skin color and speech patterns, they have been strangely silent. Maybe they are sick. I wonder if anyone has checked the local hospitals? Maybe they were in a traffic accident while leading a march or a protest. I am concerned.

Or have the civil rights twins been speaking out? Maybe so, but no in the relic media could understand them since the spoke in their “Negro dialects.”

When Trent Lott, Rush Limbaugh, and Don Imus made relative innocuous racial remarks, these guys emerged from under their rocks and went crazy. Now they are quiet. Have they been paid off by the Democrat Party? Or did Harry Reid slip them a few bucks himself?

Another unusually quiet bunch is the Democrat politicians who piled on Trent Lott. The group included Obama, Feinstein, Boxer, Biden and many others. I guess they are working so hard to make life better in the US that they don’t have time to issue statements.

It is clear the Democrats see blacks as a linguistically challenged population that is incapable of taking care of itself. In return for money and programs blacks are a reliable voting block for them. They don’t want to call attention to how racist this position is by criticizing Reid’s comments.

Surely these high-minded civil rights leaders and politicians are not hypocrites. Surely they only want what is best for all Americans, including Bill Clinton’s coffee-fetchers.

JUST IN: According to the New York Times, Al Sharpton forgave Reid for his remarks. Sharpton said Reid “did not select the best word choice in this instance.” It was unclear if Sharpton spoke in his “Negro dialect.”