All over the net I see stupid posts about how the Dems will suffer in the 2010 election. The Republicans will kick their asses. Then all will be right in the world.

But I question why Republican control of the government is a good thing. When have the Republicans ever governed as anything less than statists? When have the Republicans cut government influence or meddling? When have the Republicans ever repealed a law or a program that didn’t work? When have the Republicans ever fired a useless paper shuffling bureaucrat? The answer is NEVER.

From time to time Republicans have cut income taxes, but didn’t reign in spending. So the government continued to grow, continued to meddle in our lives, continued to regulate.

So is it important to put Republicans in office rather than Democrats in 2010? I say no. It doesn’t matter. They are both statist parties intent on taking all of our money and controlling every aspect of our lives. The country needs a conservative third party. Or, to be more accurate, the country needs a conservative second party.