In the past couple of days I have seen several glowing pieces about the G.W. Bush presidency. When compared to what is in office now, that might be true. But Bush was a horrible president in almost every way.

He presided over massive expansions of entitlements and government programs with nary a protest, much less a veto.

He signed the McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform bill after saying he thought it was unconstitutional.

He got us into a pointless war in Iraq. Even if Hussein had WMDs, he was not going to use them against the west. If he had them, he would have used them against Muslim fanatics like the Iranians or the Kurds.

He simple-mindedly tried to ally with Ted Kennedy who betrayed his efforts on education.

He began giant bailouts that were continued and expanded by Obama.

He allowed political correctness and Washington politics to hamstring the war efforts in both Afghanistan and Iraq so winning what should have been easy victories became impossible.

He tried to make 20 million illegal immigrants legal, and refused to police the borders.

He cut taxes temporarily while increasing spending with permanent programs.

So please, no more Bush was wonderful, misunderstood, or unfairly maligned pieces. Bush was a disaster.