The Republicans are supposed to be the conservative party. But they have never governed as conservatives. So there is no conservative party in America. Both the Democrats and the Republicans are statists.

Now there is anger and resentment across the land at the unprecedented expansion of governments at all levels. The time is right for a third party to emerge, possibly from the Tea Party movement.

The new conservative party will develop from the largest political block of voters, the independents. They will be joined by Republicans who are not happy with the direction the party has taken.

Doubtless, existing Republican leaders will try to get on the bandwagon, hoping to become influential. The Republican Party itself will move to usurp some of the most popular positions. I saw this happen already when Newt Gingrich spoke to tea partiers in New Hampshire in his never-ending presidential campaign. And John Beohner has been out and about, trying to say the right things. Fortunately, most people see through their charades.

While there are a few conservative Republicans kicking around Washington, most have been hopelessly compromised by the DC system. We need some new leaders, uncorrupted by the system, to arise and begin leading the conservative movement. We need people who have not been making their living by taking bribes, i.e. political contributions from lobbyists and special interests.

If some leaders emerge, there is no reason a new conservative party can not form and become a viable force. Right now Sarah Palin, though deeply flawed, seems to be the one. But the new party should not be driven by a single leader like the Perotistas were. Nor should it get bogged down with minor policy disputes. Is should organize along a few broad and easily defined conservative principles. It should have many leaders, spokespeople, and activists.

At no time in my life has the political climate been better for such a movement.