We usually hear that there are few human rights in China. We read that this or that dissident has been arrested. The internet is tightly controlled or blocked completely in some cases, etc. These things are true. The Chinese justice system is one sidded on the part of the government. And it is largely corrupt from top to bottom. But occasionally Chinese justice surprises me with how well it works.

A few months ago an unoccupied apartment building toppled over on its side in Shanghai. It turns out there was an illegal garage being dug beneath it, causing the collapse. The owner of the building, the garage builder, and a few others were put on trial. They were convicted yesterday and given sentences between three and five years.

The part that made me think the Chinese justice system is way ahead of the west is the following sentence from the Shenzhen Daily:

“Lawyer Zhang Yaojie was also jailed for five years. He was the legal representative for Shanghai Zhongxin Construction Co. Ltd., which built the Lotus Riverside complex.”

If the west, and especially the US, would put lawyers in jail who give bad advice, file frivolous complaints, and otherwise abuse their positions the world would be a better place. A lot of the foolishness that goes on in our legal system would stop. Hats off to this example of Chinese justice.