On a number of fronts it seems that western civilization is in retreat. Why? Usually because it has chosen to retreat, not because a better or stronger option exists. Western civilization has decided to abandon the philosophies and ethics that made it great.

Example: Diversity. Instead of lauding the virtues of what the Judeo-Christian ethic has wrought, we now embrace diversity. Diversity is no more than a code word for lower standards. We accept and encourage inferior behaviors, beliefs and habits as desirable. By incorporating these things into our culture, we are told our culture becomes better. Ouch! The screaming you hear is from logic being tortured.

Example: Open borders. A country and a culture can not thrive if those from different cultures are allowed, even encouraged, to come and go without restrictions. Those from other cultures are allowed the benefits of our culture without assuming the responsibilities that go along with them. The makes the benefits less valuable.

Example: Religious tolerance/intolerance. It is one thing to accept another’s religion, but it is quite another to let his religion dominate in society. We see this clearly with the case of Islam in the US. Christian bashing is everywhere, but hardly a negative word can be said about Islam. When a Muslim commits a terrorist act, you have to read deeply into the news article to find that Mohammed so-and-so was a Muslim.

Example: Our military. Winning hearts and minds, avoiding civilian casualties, diversity, and political correctness have become more important than kicking ass in the field. Consequentially we have been bogged down in Afghanistan for 8 years fighting a few thousand religious wing-nuts.

Example: Retreat from rugged individualism. The group is becoming more important than the individual. People are identified as members of a group rather than as individuals. This leads to incentive destroying programs like affirmative action that individual achievement to a group out come.

Example. The rise of statism. Government dominance and dependence is becoming the norm with about 40% of the population receiving more benefits from the government than they pay in taxes. The government rewards failure with things like bailouts and welfare, while it punishes success with every higher taxes and onerous regulations.

Example: Wealth redistribution. This rewards low achievement and failure, while penalizing success. Obviously this makes working hard and achievement less valuable. Hard work by individuals is what built western civilization. Since hard work means less and less, it discourages the work ethic.

This list is nowhere near complete.