The main argument I hear against forming a conservative third party is it will split the Republican Party, thus giving the Democrats a free ride into office. This is completely valid, and quite likely to turn out true.

Instead of forming a third party, it is better to try to reform the Republicans from within, so goes the argument. The problem with this is there is no evidence that the Republican Party wants to be reformed. It is run by big government loving statists who can usually co-opt, corrupt, or politically neuter any conservative who happens to be elected. A conservative third party is the way to go.

In 2008 the Republican Party was routed on nearly every front. Pundits and editorial writers were predicting the end of the Party. The big government loving rag, Newsweek, declared we had become a socialist nation. There was speculation that the Republican Party could probably not win another national election, and it might shrivel up and die.

What a difference a year makes. Now it is the Democrats who are in full retreat mode with many jumping off the Obama band wagon or retiring. The Democrats can’t even get their legislation through congress despite having large majorities in both chambers. Town halls and tea parties are full of voters angry at politicians, Washington, and especially at Democrats.

Why the change? Quite simply, the Democrats over reached. The left wing of the party took it over and tried to push its agenda on a nation that did not want it. The backlash has been stunning.

This brings me back to the rise of a conservative third party. True, it might siphon many voters from the Republican Party and lead to the election of many Democrats in the first election cycle or two, but there is no reason to believe they won’t do the same loony things they did in 2009, alienating voters and actually driving people into the conservative camp.