It hard to believe that my 2.5 year Asian adventure is coming to an end. I have lived mostly in Vietnam and China, but have visited many places in Southeast Asia. I have been living out of a small suitcase with no adverse consequences.

My love affair with Asia began with a two week vacation in Vietnam. I fell in love with the place and especially the people. Immediately upon returning to the USA, I booked a 3 month visit. Now I have been there 6 times.

On one of my trips to Vietnam I had to change planes in Hong Kong. I decided to spend two weeks in China to get a feeling for the place in anticipation of a long visit in the future. It turned out to be a bad decision since almost no one in China speaks English. Independent travel for a non-Chinese speaking person is difficult, if not impossible.

I ended up stuck in Shenzhen for two weeks. On the up side, I met a wonderful woman while I was walking in a park one day. On the down side, Shenzhen is not an interesting city.

So I went on the Vietnam for 3 months. Then I returned to the USA to wrap up some business. After that I returned to Shenzhen to be with my woman friend. I have lived in Shenzhen the last year.

As noted, Shenzhen is not an interesting or historic city. It is a city for business, shipping, and manufacturing. Still I have enjoyed it. I have made many friends, both Chinese and foreign. I am now president of the Shenzhen Chess Club, and I know I have gained 10 pounds from eating the great food here.

Tomorrow I will return to the USA. I will visit friends and family, take care of some business. Then what? I don’t know.

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