All the pundits and politicians and talking heads on TV have been talking about compromise, reaching out, and bipartisanship on health care. Anyone who does not accept these things in principle is an obstructionist, a Dr. No. Today’s summit should be a love fest. Compromise and cooperation should rule the day.

Let me illustrate what compromise means in Washington. Say I demand my friend give me $1000. He doesn’t want to do it. OK, I will say, lets be bipartisan, lets work together, lets be reasonable. Why don’t you reach out and give me $500. instead of $1000. I will accept in the name of compromise. Then we’ll both be happy.

Not being stupid, the next time I want $1000. from my friend, I’ll ask for $2000. Then we can compromise at $1000. Everyone smiles.

This is what happens when politicians in Washington compromise. The government takes $500. from the people and spends it on favored constituents. We are asked to be happy because they did not take $1000. The government acted in a bipartisan way. We are told this is how things should work. This is good. The parties worked together as they should.

Instead of taxing and spending everything they want, the government taxes and spends a bit less. Government still grows. Taxpayers are still disadvantaged. Special interests still smile.

This illustrates why conservative compromise = conservative defeat. Instead of compromising conservatives should say no to all government expansion, intrusion, and regulation. They should present a bill or a plan that allows the taxpayer to keep an extra $500. instead of taking another $500. from him. The taxpayer can use the money to take care of his own health, or not, if he so chooses.

I fear the upcoming Health Care Summit will lead to some sort of compromise or alternative bill. It will be equivalent to the camel getting his nose under the tent. This year’s compromise will lead to another compromise and expansion of government run health care next year. The same the next year, and again the year after. Soon the nation will have full blown Obamacare.

Conservatives should stand of the principle of limited government. They should not accept government expansion via compromise in the health care system or anything else the government has bullied its way into.