It’s fun to watch Nancy Pelosi twist and turn trying to excuse the disgraceful behavior of Charlie Rangel. The Speaker promised to drain the Republican swamp in Washington and usher in the most ethical administration ever. Only the most stupid among us believed a word she was saying. Power corrupts. And she has proved our skepticism was correct.

Meanwhile Rangel holds onto his Ways and Means chairmanship. No one seems to have the balls to force him to leave.

This morning the news is that Rangel will step down from his chairmanship after being admonished by Pelosi. Rangel forgot to report a million dollars worth of assets. He cheated on his taxes, took trips from lobbyists who had business before his committee, and committed dozens of smaller infractions. So far there was no consequence other than being admonished. Even if he looses his chairmanship, it is hardly a fit punishment.

My question is why can’t I get admonished when I commit a crime? If I break dozens of laws and rules, including income tax fraud, I would be fined and possibly jailed. Rangel was admonished. If I commit crimes on the level of Rangel I would happily accept an admonishment and possibly even a rebuke for good measure. Why can’t I get the same justice as Rangel?


Rangel just announced he is temporarily leaving his chairmanship. He took no questions.