Lately there has been controversy about the Post Office ending Saturday mail delivery. I just returned from living a year in China and have a few thoughts on the subject.      

China Post Mailman


There is virtually no mail service in China. China Post consists of a few people on bicycles. There is no scheduled, regular mail delivery. The few letters that are mailed are delivered individually by the men on bicycles.    

 Most letters are left with concierge desk of the apartment buildings where everyone lives. In buildings with no concierge, letters are tucked into the bars of the security gates. There are few mail boxes.      

 In China there are almost no bills, most every transaction is done in cash or by using bank cards. Banking and similar activities are done online or at the actual bank or brokerage house. There are no statements, etc. Credit cards are scarce, and everything related to them is done online or at the issuing bank. There is no junk mail. Packages are delivered by private carrier. When I think about it, the Chinese system makes sense.   

China Post delivers mail every day except national holidays. So not only do they have Saturday service, they also have Sunday service. 

The U.S. Post Office is a relic of the 1700s. It is a wasteful, money loosing enterprise that exists only because of inertia, politically powerful unions, and special interests who benefit from its subsidized rates.  

The USPS, as it now exits, should be scrapped and replaced by a system more like the Chinese.