In the news  today was a story about the US catching and then releasing pirates off the coast of Somalia. What?? The reason given was that we didn’t know what to do with them. I have a suggestion. Put them in jail. They are international criminals.

In the past some captured pirates had been jailed in Kenya. Now Kenya says its jails are full and it can not accept any more. I wonder how secure they jails in Kenya are,  and can’t help but think the Kenyans might be somewhat sympathetic to the pirates.

Why we can’t jail the pirates in US jails was not explained in the news stories. One story said the pirates were released after they were neutralized, whatever that means. If they were neutralized by having their hands and feet cut off, I’d agree with the neutralization policy. I suspect they were just given a stern warning.

Since we have been releasing terrorists from Gitmo, there is room for some pirates there. Why not put them there? The jihadists and pirates could form soccer teams and play each other in the tropical paradise.

If for some unfathomable reason we continue releasing pirates we capture, I suggest we stop capturing them. Just blast their boats out of the water and let them drown.