There is a story in the news about stimulus money being spent with foreign firms because US firms can’t produce enough wind power generating equipment. The reason windmills are not being produced in the US is because they are not financially viable. Wind power is not cost efficient and can not work without heavy infusions of taxpayer money.

That made me think about other green or renewable energy scams that have popped up over the years. What they have in common is they produce very little energy, are very expensive, and relative to existing power sources, they consume more resources than they save or make. 

Wind. In addition to being unreliable, it is expensive and the amount of power that can be generated is negligible. Is not worth while to produce without generous taxpayer subsidies.

Solar. Jimmy Carter gave the country the Department of Energy in part to perfect solar energy. 40 years and god knows how many billions of dollars later solar energy remains a pie in the sky.

Ethanol. A heavily subsidized scheme to help get us off  oil. The only winners have been corn producers and ethanol refiners. Ethanol has not reduced or imports of oil a bit. It uses more energy to produce it than it generates when burned.  

Bio-fuels. I have no idea what this is, but I hear people talking about it. And while I don’t know exactly what it is, I am 100% sure it requires heavy subsidies to be competitive with existing power sources.

Energy efficient light bulbs. They cost 10 times more than incandescent bulbs, and only last a little longer. They may save a bit of energy, but their cost makes them a net waste of resources.

Hybrid cars. They are very expensive relative to conventional cars. They have to be driven 100,000+ miles to reach the break even point. A net waste of resources.

And of course there are numerous nut-job schemes like burning used cooking oil in cars, harnessing the tides, and dragging energy catching cables through outer space. Compared to existing energy sources, all are inefficient, costly, and produce little energy.