Almost daily the Republican Party is attacked as being the party of no, meaning they oppose Democrat backed taxing, spending and regulating schemes. True to their beltway ways, the Republicans usually counter the Dems plans with their own plan which involves a little less taxing, spending, and regulating.

Thus the government grows ever larger and the governed grow poorer and find themselves with fewer freedoms.

But what would happen if the Party of no became the party of less? Instead of proposing Dem-lite plans and programs, why doesn’t the Republican Party begin advancing legislation that could actually cut programs, reduce spending and repeal regulations?

Maybe the Republicans could propose cutting some superfluous program by 25% and offer to compromise with the Democrats by cutting it only 15%. Isn’t this is the bipartisanship everyone seems to want?

With the relic media firmly in the pocket of the statists it will be hard to do. When something is scheduled to be cut, the relic media and the Democrats will trot out an innocent child whose father lost his bureaucrat job shuffling paper. It will be up to the Republicans to have a simple, well-reasoned, and direct response to these situations. I don’t see such a leader in Washington today.