A story in the Los Angeles Times today: Gulf oil spill: Boat captain, despondent over spill, commits suicide.

Without providing any evidence, the piece concluded the poor man was so despondent about the Gulf oil spill that he took his own life. While there was no suicide note, the story notes the 55 year old charter boat captain was worried about the loss of business due to the closed waters.

The story also noted the captain’s boat had been chartered by BP,  making up for his loss of charter income.

The coroner stated the captain had been depressed. Yet the crew of the boat said nothing seemed amiss. So how the coroner came up with his information is undetermined.

Once again we have an example of the relic media pushing their political agenda. The article concluded the oil spill, caused by the evil BP oil company, was responsible for this death. They reached this conclusion without a bit of evidence.