Since the beginning of time end-of-the-world beliefs have been kicking around. Most were based on apocalyptic religious beliefs aimed at getting people to embrace so religious sect or another. Others are based on scientific observations and studies.

One of the reasons given for colonizing the New World in the 1600s was that Europe was over populated and was running out of everything.

In recent years we have heard the world will run out of food, water, and other necessary natural resources. We have been told a hole in the ozone layer is destined to cause everyone to go blind or contract skin cancer. Our food is unsafe to eat. Our air is unsafe to breath. Our water is full of poisons. And on and on…

Al Gore and his anti-capitalist cronies tell us we are on the verge of baking ourselves to death. 

Yesterday I read that Australian Professor Frank Fenner has predicted the human race will go extinct in the next 100 years due to over population. Not one of the articles I read about his prediction questioned the premise.

If, for example, the world can sustain 6 billion people but can not sustain 7 billion and the population rises to that level, why can’t it go back to sustaining the 6 billion after the excess 1 billion dies off.

Somehow none of these doom and gloom scenarios ever come to pass. The world continues to spin and in general, the human race seems to thrive and advance on most fronts. Humans are living longer, healthier, wealthier, and more productive lives with each passing generation.

Why do we give and credence to these world is coming to an end scenarios that are advanced by nut jobs? Is there something in the human psyche that enjoys, or even requires, this tripe?