In an article by Charlie Savage that appeared in the New York Times we learned that closing the prison at Guantanamo Bay is no longer a priority for the Obama administration.     

Gitmo Detainees


This despite the fact that Obama made closing Gitmo a centerpiece of his presidential campaign and promised to have it closed in 2010. The relic media has  stopped sending investigators and reporters there to document the supposed horrid treatment of prisoners there.     

Presumably the very existence prison in no longer creating terrorists all over the world. It is no longer a disgrace to the United States. Yet it is still open. What has changed?     

The fact is the whole Gitmo controversy was made up from the beginning. These people are going to be kept in jail somewhere, be it Guantanamo, Iraq, Illinois, or wherever. Why keeping them in Gitmo is so much worse than keeping them elsewhere is a problem spun for political reasons only. The sudden silence of the Democrats and the relic media proves the point.