From the July 12, Shenzhen Daily there is an article about government out of control. The story doesn’t have any direct connection to what is going on in the USA. I am posting it because it seems to be the direction we are heading with more and more government control of everything.

The Buji Subdistrict Office will demolish five government-funded buildings built illegally in Shiyaling Park, the construction of which led to the felling of 250 trees in a 1,600-square-meter forest.

The subdistrict office has apologized to the public and asked the Longgang District Government for a quick determination of responsibility for the matter…

The constructions were not rain shelters as the subdistrict office had claimed, and more closely resembled luxury hotels or villas, the Daily quoted a contractor as saying.

The unidentified contractor also said that the five buildings had cost at least 2 million yuan (US$294,118), much more than the 890,000-yuan budget claimed by Liu Guohe, Party secretary for the Buji Subdistrict Office.

The illegal building detection office in Longgang District is still investigating the matter and has demanded the reforestation of the green area destroyed by the construction work.

However, the reforestation of the area will cost almost 1 million yuan, the district forest authority said.

The district discipline authority vowed to mete out “severe punishment” to those responsible for the debacle.

Besides the illegal buildings saga, the 780,000-square-meter park itself has become a topic of controversy.

The subdistrict office spent almost 10 million yuan on the construction of the park, some of which was contributed by real estate developers, an unidentified source told the Daily.from the

The same developers built many residential estates around the park and even acquired new lots surrounding the park, the value of which has skyrocketed due to their proximity to the park. So we have illegal buildings approved by a government entity, and built by a politically connected contractor. The buildings cost more than twice what they were supposed to, but this fact was covered up by the government. When yet another government agency, the illegal building detector, found the buildings it ordered them torn down and the area reforested. So the entire project was a complete waste of time and resources. Doubtless, the contractor spread large amounts of cash around to the government officials. So far no one has been held responsible.

In the west, we are handing more and more control over our lives to government.This story is a small illustration of how complete government control can end.

Or do we think we can do it better?