When I was a very little child, I can remember by grandfather, a Chrysler man, arguing with his brother, a Ford man, about the merits of their cars. At the time I had no idea what they were talking about, but now I realize they were loyal to the brands.

Over the years and quite without thought I have developed loyalty to several brands.

1. Nissan Sentra. I am driving my 6th one. They are inexpensive to buy and maintain, reliable and last a long time. I don’t think I have ever driven one less than 150,000 miles.

2. Ecco Shoes. I have gone through at least 10-12 pairs. While not particularly stylish they are extremely comfortable and well made. While not cheap, they are not expensive to buy. They last forever.

3. Seiko watches. I am wearing my 5th Seiko. They are dependable, well made and stylish. I splurged on my current Seiko and bought a kinetic model. It never needs a battery change, the date function keeps up with the number of days in each month, including leap years. The sapphire crystal remains mark free after two years of daily wearing.

4. HP laptops. I am typing this on my 4th HP. Each one is better than the previous one while the price goes down. They seldom have problems.

5. Tsingtao beer. Cheap (under 0.60 USD for a large bottle), good tasting, and readily available. It is has much better flavor than Kingway, Harbin, and the other Chinese brands.

Attention Nissan, Ecco, Seiko, HP, and Tsingtao. I would not be insulted if you send me some freebees in return for my endorsement above.