Answer YES or NO to the following questions.

1. Do you believe it makes sense for a politician to spend millions of dollars to run for a job that pays thousands?

2. Do you believe government borrowing and spending creates prosperity?

3. Do you believe your representative values your opinion as highly as he values the opinion of an out-of-state lobbyist who gave him a large campaign contribution?

4. Do you believe campaign finance reform would get a single vote if it meant politicians would end up with less money?

5. Do you believe the ability to give a good speech by reading it from a teleprompter is a sign of intelligence?

6. Do you think Al Gore really believes the global warming stuff he spouts?

7. Do you believe black people can not be racists?

8. Do you believe that lobbyists and special interest groups give money to politicians for idealistic reasons?

9. Do you believe career politicians retire rich because the lived frugally and saved their salaries?

10. Do you believe it is OK for congress to exempt itself from laws it passes for the rest of the nation?

11. Do you believe that when a politician introduces a bill favorable to a group that gave him a large campaign contribution it is coincidental?

12. Do you believe Charlie Rangel forgot he had a home in the Caribbean and $250,000. in a bank account?

13. Do you believe people who oppose Obama’s policies do so because he is black?

14. Do you believe free government controlled health care is possible?

15. Do you believe that it is a Republican success when they make the Democrats spend less on some bill?

16. Do you think the fact that most politicians are lawyers enhances the status of lawyers?

17. Do you believe the relic media has turned against Obama and the statist agenda?

18. Do you believe there has ever been a politician who went to Washington to “fight for the people?”

19. Do you believe it is important for a political appointee be at the head of government agencies?

20. Do you believe affirmative action is not government sanctioned racial discrimination?

Number of YES answers you made:

0-5. Very thoughtful

6-10. Need a little help with your critical thinking skills.

11-15. You probably scan newspaper headlines, but not read the stories

16-19. You are incapable of logical thinking.

20. You are an Olberman and are qualified for a job at the New York Times, Washington Post, or MSNBC.