Several years ago I began keeping an online blog. It began innocently as a way to let the people back home know what I was up to without having to write emails to several people every day. Also, it was a good way for me to keep a record of my adventures for myself.

Almost immediately I ran into trouble. I nailed a 26-year-old Vietnamese girl named Thanh. Later she moved in with me and we had all sorts of fun. I couldn’t write about sex, drugs, and other things where my son, my mother, my ex and her family could see it. So I started a second blog. This one was the real one story of what was going on in my life. The original diary became the sanitized version.

Stupidly, I used a derivative of my real name in the true blog and even though it was published in an obscure place, my ex stumbled upon it. So I started a third account under an assumed name and transferred the potentially embarrassing records to it. But for some reason I could not transfer the pictures or successfully delete them. Poor Thanh has naked pictures of herself floating around in cyberspace to this day.

I am a news junkie and have strong opinions about many things. So I started a fourth blog where I recorded my thoughts about events of the day. I use an assumed name on this one too. My opinions are often quite controversial.

So I have 3 ongoing stories of my life and my thoughts, and one defunct blog. Sometimes they get blurred and confused both in my mind and in my writings. Yet I continue writing them.

Now I spend an hour or two every morning updating the records of my life. Sometimes I wonder if it’s worth the trouble?