The government seems out of control and is running wild over the will of the governed. In the past few days there have been several stories of the government running amuck.

1. Health Care. All the polls showed Obamacare was unpopular with most people, yet was rammed down our throats. On Tuesday, Missouri voted against the mandatory purchase requirement of health insurance by a huge majority.

2. Illegal immigration. Most people want the border sealed, yet the politicians refuse to do so. When Arizona voted to toughen its stance against illegal immigrants it is denounced by Washington and challenged in the courts.

3. Gay marriage. Whenever a poll or referendum is conducted, gay marriage is rejected by the people. On Wednesday a judge over turned the gay marriage ban voted in by the people of California.

4. Eminent domain. Hugely unpopular in every poll, yet the Supreme Court OK’d the practice in the Kelo case. Cities and states continue to deprive people of their property to benefit other, politically connected, private citizens

5. Education. The polls show the people want vouchers, charter schools, and school choice, but they are denied by the government because which is under control of the teachers unions.

6. Government Spending. TARP and the porkulus spending bills were passed and added trillions to the national debt against popular opinion. Most people know intuitively that government transferring money from one group to another will not stimulate anything.

7. Ground Zero Mosque. Overwhelmingly unpopular in both New York City and the nation, politicians gave permission for the project to go forward.