1. Buy up all the sun block at Wal-Mart. Set up a table in the parking lot where you re-sell it at a huge mark up.

2. Don’t wear your shirt rolled up to your nipples no matter how hot it gets.

3. Harass people by calling them on their cell phone and making static noises.

4. Do all the weird things you every wanted to do. Blame your behavior on sun spots.

5. Buy a battery powered black light Shine it on your friends just to see what happens.

6. Break out your lead lined underwear.

7. Develop your non-digital film.

8. Find Jesus. Repent. March up and down the street carrying an “End Is Near” sign.

9. Search for the location of the arks as in the movie “2012.”

10. Walk on the shady side of the street. Carry your umbrella.