Yesterday afternoon I took refuge from the heat in a seafood restaurant a few blocks from home. It was one of those places that have live fish and seafood in large aquariums in front of the place. The fish are visible from both the street and inside the restaurant.


I noticed one aquarium that contained two very large fish, each about 1.5-2 feet long. It also contained a single smaller fish of a different species that might have been 8 inches long.

I was struck by the fact that the small fish chased the two giants around the aquarium to the point where they agitated the water so much it was splashing over the top of the tank. Between attacks by the smaller fish, the two large fish cowered at the left side of the aquarium, waiting for the next run against them.

It struck me the large fish must be members of the Republican Party. Even though self identified conservatives outnumber liberals by a 2-to-1 majority in the United States, the Republicans in Washington are always cowering on the sidelines. They spend their political capital offering compromises and making deals with the much weaker Democrats.

The greatest achievement a Washington Republican politician can do is reach across the isle to the Democrats who are always on the attack. The Republican timidity makes the Democrats stronger by default.

The Republicans need to realize they represent the majority in America and must be loud and strong in their positions. They should advance the causes of smaller, constitutional government. They must introduce bills that actually cut spending, eliminate ineffective or redundant programs, and repeal needlessly restrictive regulations.

They need to formulate their arguments and be able to express them in 15 second sound bites. They must realize the relic media is their enemy and not be afraid to treat it as such. They should take pride in being called the party of no.

In short, they need to stop hiding in the corners waiting for the next attack on them and their principles.