It seems that every few weeks we read of doping scandals, accusations or denials in sports. Most recently Lance Armstrong has been fingered as being a doper. Every 4 years when the Olympics are upon us there isn’t a day that goes by without a doping story.

It is true that doping is a problem, and it is unlikely to go away. But there is a simple solution: make doping legal. Here are some reasons why this makes sense.

1. It will level the playing field. If everyone is doping, everyone is equal. The non-dopers will no longer be at a disadvantage to the secret dopers as they are now.

2. Steroid enhanced athletes perform better than unenhanced athletes. This will cause more records to be broken, points scored, etc. Sports will become more exciting. Interest in sports will increase. Attendance at games will skyrocket. The fans will be happier and the athletes will make more money. Everyone benefits.

3. When I was a kid I was a wise ass, but physically very weak and uncoordinated. Consequently I got my ass kicked fairly often. Had I been allowed to enhance myself chemically, my childhood would have been much more enjoyable.

4. One argument against doping is that the long term effects may harm the athletes. Everyone is aware of the risks. They should be allowed to make the choice themselves. It is not unlike choosing to smoke or drive without a seat belt. The athletes can weigh the risks and decide what to do.

5. Sports equipment has improved every year, as has knowledge of nutrition, training regimens, etc. Doping is just another step in the march toward athletic perfection.

6. Who owns the body of an athlete, the government or the athlete himself? If the athlete owns his own body, where does the government get the right to interfere with what he does with it?

7. The U.S. Congress would have to spend its time on legislating instead of wasting time and resources grandstanding about doping in baseball.

8. New drugs that are harder to detect are being developed all the time. Making doping legal would make detecting undetectable drugs a non-issue.

9. Once legal and accepted, larger more sophisticated pharmaceutical companies would research and produce ever better and safer steroids.