It’s interesting that the tolerant, understanding, religious freedom loving, liberals in this country were not so tolerant when G.W. Bush attempted to sell our ports to the Dubai Arabs. They screamed about selling our ports to Muslims who had ties to terrorism. I wonder if they would have been as shrill if it was Obama selling the ports?

 Today the progressives are in favor of the Cordoba House mosque that is being built by Muslims with ties to terrorism. They call anyone opposing the 9/11 mosque intolerant racists, xenophobes, and bigots.

You might draw the conclusion that the anti-ports sale / pro-ground zero mosque positions taken by liberals might have a political overtone or two. And you would be right.

I must note that most conservatives were against the ports sale, and are against the 9/11 mosque as well.  At least the righties are consistent.

In face of over whelming opposition from both the right and the left, the Dubai ports sale was cancelled.