I noticed the country is in the grip of a large heat wave. Temperatures over 110 are not uncommon and highs of 90+ are almost the norm. It seems to me that in years past these high temperatures would have been blamed on man made global warming.

News casters would breathlessly report the weather and show alarm at the new highs caused by man made global warming.  They would almost be exopecting the entire earth to burst intob flames.

Experts would be called on to explain the relationship between the unusual temperatures and man made global warming. There might even be a feature on the phenomenon with wide eyed reporters explaining how the average person could reduce his carbon foot print.

Al Gore might even crawl out from under his rock to condescendingly explain why we are all living wrong. Then he would get into his private jet to fly to another interview.

But none of that is happening now. The extremely high temperatures are reported, then the weather goes on to the next story. Occasionally there might be a link between the heat and a forest fire, but never a link between the highs and el nino.