I have had a dog my entire life. I like dogs. What they say about dogs being man’s best friend is true. Well trained or completely untrained, I loved them all.

My most recent dog was a semi-trained Jack Russell. He died a few months ago. I am now faced with what I see as an insurmountable problem. These days the dog’s owner is expected to follow behind it and pick up its poo. Could there be a more demeaning and disgusting task in the world? Also, I have a very weak stomach and the thought of touch fresh steaming dog shit, even if through a Baggie, makes me gag.

If an alien landed and saw the owner picking up dog poo, he would think the dog was the master and the poo picking human was the pet, or the slave.

The poo detail was not a problem in the past as I always lived in a house with a fenced back yard. The only person who complained about the generous amounts of poo deposited in the yard was the lawn man. Now I live in the city with no fenced yard, so walking the dog and poo picking is the only option if I chose to get another best friend.

A human friend of mind claims he has solved the poo problem. He carries a Baggie full of Tootsie Rolls and just pretends to pick up the actual poo. This seems a very risky tact as there are plenty of busy bodies who have nothing better to do than check their yards after a dog passes through.

Anyway I am thinking about getting another dog. But I’m not sure that I will because of the poo problem.