The budget negotiations don’t seem to be going well. Boehner insists tax increased are off the table. The democrats disagree. The Republicans don’t want to increase the spending limit. The Democrats disagree.

I believe if the Republicans make a deal with the Democrats that trades tax increases for spending reductions, it will signal the beginning of the end of the Republican Party. Likewise if Boehner comes out with a 4 trillion cut in
spending over 10 years, or some other nonsense, it will be the same outcome for the GOP.

Why do I make these predictions? Because the Republicans have let their base down time after time. They are tired of “the party of small government tax and spend just like the Democrats. Bush I promised not to raise taxes, and raised
them anyway. Bush II gave us the prescription drug entitlement, No Child Left Behind, and failed to protect our borders. Never mind two questionable wars.

Also, most of the recent Republican presidential candidates have had RINO tendencies. Many of those who voted for them did so with a clothes pin on their noses.

So this is the last chance for the Republicans to prove they are not what the seem to be, Democrats-lite. If they stick to their guns they will emerge as heroes. If they cave or compromise, they will soon be joining the dodo bird.