In today’s news there were several stories about protestors around the world. There were anti government protests in Damascus where several were shot down in the street. In Egypt protestors and hunger strikers laid siege to government buildings. They were warned by the military government to disperse, but at least they weren’t shot. Protestors turned out in Libya a few weeks ago when about 140 were killed.  Their protest changed nothing.

It is almost a daily occurrence that there are protests in Greece where flags are burned, cars over turned, and glass broken. We see protestors in Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana and other states where public service employees saw their benefits cut. In Wisconsin they occupied the state capitol for a few days before going home. They failed to get the laws repealed in any state.

In the past few weeks we have seen protests in London, Italy, Ireland, Israel, and nut jobs at funerals in the U.S. There are protestors outside the jail where Casey Anthony is spending her time. Do they think they will get the verdict reversed? Yesterday there were anti-China protestors in Hanoi. They were arrested.

Perhaps the most dramatic protest in recent years was in China’s Tiananmen Square. There several thousand protestors were mowed down by tanks and soldiers before the other demonstrators called it a day.

In short, there are protests and protestors every where almost every day. Washington, D.C. is the scene of almost constant protests and demonstrations. The police have keeping order down to a science.

So, what do these protestors have in common? Simple, they never accomplish anything. They walk around chanting, holding posters and burning flags as they search for TV cameras to pose in front of. Eventually the protestors go home and the police or army return to their barracks. Nothing changed.

It is only when the protestors take up guns, Molotov cocktails and rocket launchers that they start to make a difference. So when a bunch of union thugs are joined by unemployed professional protestors, hippies, and lefty ne’er do wells to march in front of a state capitol, don’t worry. They will go home and nothing will be different, except there will be a lot of trash strewn at the protest site.

If you feel the need to protest, forget it. You are a loser and will accomplish nothing. Your home made posters, silly costumes, and inaudible chants will not change a single mind. If anything, the people you are protesting against will be laughing at you. Get a real job, and not one that excuses you when you want to protest.

If you want to really be taken seriously bring lawyers, guns and money to your protest. Otherwise stay home and watch the protest on the evening news.