In the old old days  “brain drain” was in the news a lot. Educated persons or people with medical, scientific, and technical knowledge  were leaving their home countries and coming to the U.S. They saw financial and career advancement opportunities were much better here than in their home countries.

Actually, brains have always been drained from one area of the world to more favorable areas and countries. Throughout history people have migrated from place to place when they saw a better life possible. In our case most of the brain drain refugees came from Europe, but many came from other areas of the world including Asia and Africa. At one point China considered limiting students from studying here. It seems the students were expected to return to China where they would help the economy develop, but many decided to make their ways in America where opportunities are greater.

All in all the brain drain refugees must have made a positive difference in American society. I can remember reading stories about how the home countries of the brain drainers were very concerned about their loss. Great Britain was probably the most severely effected by the loss of many of its most highly trained and valuable citizens. They came here because immigration was easy, they spoke the same language, and they were welcome.

Now the nature of immigration into the country has changed. We are getting the dregs of other societies, not the cream. We are getting the poor, the uneducated, and the criminals. We are getting those who have no interest in learning the language, following the laws, or otherwise fitting in. Many, if not most, enter the country illegally. They show the same respect for the laws and mores of this country that they displayed when they entered illegally. Some even come to kill us.

And unlike a few years ago during the Eisenhower administration when Operation Wetback tried to deport all illegal Mexican immigrants, today’s illegal immigrants are welcomed by the illegal immigrant lobby.  When an illegal immigrant crosses the border into this country he is met by persons who will direct him to government subsidized housing, help him sign up for food stamps, get his family on welfare and aid for his children, and enroll his children in school where they will be taught in their native language, not English. They are shown how to take advantage of the superb medical care available in America by using emergency rooms.

The brain drain has morphed into the leech drain.