Unbelievable. San Francisco and Santa Monica are trying to ban circumcision on males under age 18. Circumcising a  male under 18 would be a misdemeanor, punishable with an appropriate fine. Fortunately these bills have failed to be
passed into law – so far. It is certain the anti-circumcision forces will continue to push their vision of an uncircumcised world. It would not be surprising if such a bill would pass into law, especially in Pelosiland.

Bills have been introduced in the state legislature that would ban the ban on circumcision. Who can predict how that will turn out? Who really cares? Let Californians fight about the knife and the penis while their state collapses from years of mismanagement around them.

It was intrusive when the government told us what toilets and light bulbs we should use. Now they’re trying to tell San Franciscans how their penises should look. What’s next, mandatory boob jobs for all A cups? Enforced Botox injections for all citizens over 60? Who can tell? Big Brother knows what is best for all of us. 1984 here we come.