Over the past few days during the budget debate Obama and the pols have issued yet more calls for something called shared sacrifice. Obama does this as he ramps up his call for more taxes and more government spending while fighting
against Republican calls for less spending.

While the government is asking its citizens  for more sacrifices (higher taxes), what is their part in the shared deal? So far I can’t see a thing the government has sacrificed or offered to sacrifice. In fact, in today’s paper was an article that said the federal government was busily hiring new people to solidify its control over every aspect of out lives. Where is the shared sacrifice?

If the government wants me to sacrifice, I want to the government to sacrifice something in return. Maybe the CDC could issue a few less flu warnings that get everyone in a panic and sends them rushing to doctors offices for
vaccine that probably doesn’t work. That would be a sacrifice I could get behind.

Possibly the EPA could sacrifice protecting a tiny, worthless animal or weed that inhabit valuable farm land. Let the EPS sacrifice in return for additional taxes levied on the farmer.

Perhaps NASA could launch a few less rockets putting satellites in orbit. The private sector has proved it can do the same job for less money. Then NASA could sacrifice by letting a few unnecessary bureaucrats and out of date rocket
scientists go.

In fact, the entire Washing bureaucratic structure could make a shared sacrifice by firing a few hundred thousand worthless paper shufflers in all departments, including the White House staff. That would be a sacrifice most
people would not mind trading in return for some extra taxes.

But so far there are no offers from Washington to cut or sacrifice anything. Washington seems to be interested in growing larger and richer and more powerful. Washington does not want to make any sacrifices. So how is the shared sacrifice to be shared?