Three Brilliant Young Chinese PhotographersQuantcast

Ting Ting

Ting Ting is one of many young politically minded photographers with a promising future and an already impressive portfolio. Ting Ting takes issue with big corporations which she feels are destroying our environment and cultural heritage (diversity) across the globe.

Ting Ting uses her camera lens to portray the decay of cultures and the sapping of our precious environment by the evils of big corporations which she likens to spiritual vampires. Her favorite image (below) is metaphoric of BP oil spill in the U.S.A.

Ting Ting

“I feel photographers are not news reporters.” Ting Ting says. “They should not be objective. I think they should seek to express through art form the true state of our world around us, and thus, we have creative license (as well as responsibility) to make others aware of danger. I think this image of me in my bra accomplishes this.”

Xiao Mei

Xiao Mei is an aspiring young photographer who likes to work with mobile phones instead of cameras. The composition of the image below is almost technically perfect and a sign of great career to come. Xiao Mei says the image is a protest against U.S. Troops in Iraq. The angles and muted lighting are symbolic of the failed search for weapons of mass destruction.

Though the graininess of the image seems unintentional Xiao Mei says she really worked hard at creating the right moment in which the lighting, noise in the background and the way the light plays off the subject all seem to come together at once by accident.

Xiao Mei


“I have always admired the great photographers who were able to make it look as if they just stumbled upon a once-in-a-lifetime moment,” says Xiao Mei.

“It makes for a very natural, uncontrived image. And though it took me hundreds of hours to set up this shot, it almost appears as if just grabbed a mobile phone and took a photo of me in my bra and panties. That is how I know I have achieved my goal as an artist.”

Xiao Mei says it is her first political statement as an artist/photographer and she hopes to assemble a collection of similar politically motivated images to create a collage.

Zhang Xiao

The image below was taken by Miss Zhang Xiao and won the 2010 award for composition in the young Chinese photographers category. “The light playing with the background, the washed-out colors, the camera angle and overall excellent composition blend to create a certain otherness not commonly found in the work of such a young professional,” says Judge Li Wei.

Zhang Xiao about her award-winning image, “It is a tribute to my favorite American photographer Ansell Adams.”

Zhang Xiao

“I call it ‘Rocky Mountain Landscapes Through My Valley.’ I took the image on my computer laptop after waiting all night for the morning light to create the perfect conditions–similar to the sun rising above the majestic peaks of the American mountain range.”