The recent budget deal has been characterized as a victory for Republicans because there were budget cuts and no tax increases.

It is questionable whether the Democrats really lost the debate. The government gets to keep spending like Greeks. The national debt is scheduled to increase by some 8 trillion dollars over the next 10 years, and it is a certainty there will be a lot of additional spending added bring the deficit way higher.

The Republicans got a small amount of spending cuts over 10 years – most of which are so covered in smoke and mirrors we will never see them. The only meaningful budget cuts are a few billion over the next two years.

In the mean time how many more times will the debt limit have to be raised over the same 10 years so the spending can increase? The deficit is scheduled to continue to grow at nearly a trillion a year, so several increases are inevitable. The only thing the Democrats didn’t get was a tax hike…yet. The so-called super committee has yet to unveil its work.