In 2010 Seattle was awarded a 20 million dollar grant to go for the weatherization of homes in the city. To date only 14 homes had been weatherized or were in the process of getting a loan for weatherization.

What happened? According to Vanessa Ho writing in Seattle Pi, the problems seems to be people do not want to take out a loan to weatherize their homes. Only 337 home owners had applied for the loans, and only 14 had completed the process.

It was hoped that 200 homes per year would be weatherized and about 2000 people would be employed to do it. While this sounds like a lot of people to put weather stripping in a home, OK, it’s government accounting.

Another problem with the program, beside the red tape, is that people don’t want to go into debt to weatherize their homes. Like most green projects, the cost is high and payoff is small and far in the future.

So what happened to the 20 million? The article was unclear, but chances are a full accounting would prove to be very interesting.